Thursday, September 22, 2011

C-Lium Promo

Because you love C-lium... You can win FREE C-lium! Two C-lium winners will win Free C-lium products for having the best reason why they love C-lium and for having the most likes on their reason to love C-lium.

Here’s how to join:
1.  Log on to Facebook and like the  “C-lium” Facebook page:
2.  On the fan page’s wall, share with us why you love C-lium and ask your friends to like your post.
3.  Every week, there will be two winners to win Free C-lium products:

a) the fan who has posted the best answer on why they love C-lium. To qualify as best answer, it should contain at least a product benefit true to what C-lium offers ( i.e. eliminate bad cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels, reduce weight, improve digestion, etc.)
b) the fan who has garnered the most like from friends will win a C-lium gift pack each. 

4.  The promo will run for four weeks and at the end of the month, one lucky winner will win a special C-lium gift pack.

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