Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A life Giveaway

1.  Log on to Facebook and like the  “A!life” Facebook page: www.facebook.com/iwantthealife
2.  Below the profile photo, click on the “A!life Apps” tab. This will direct you to the a!life quiz. Please make sure to turn off secure browsing before taking the quiz  and click “Allow Access,” when Facebook prompts you to do so.
3.  Fill out the necessary details at the registration form and then proceed to answering the quiz. A thank you page will appear once you’re done. You can only take the quiz once per week for the duration of the promo.
4.  Each week, six winner will be drawn and will be given a!life products each depending on the result of the quiz.
5.  At the end of the month, 6 lucky women who have taken the quiz will win a gift certificate each to Bioessence plus an a!life gift pack. The promo will run for a month.

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